Property Nuisance Reporting Made Easier

Reporting property nuisance violations just became easier. The Oelwein Police Department has created an online reporting system for the public to request possible nuisance/structural issues to be investigated.

Citizens may go to oelweinpolice.org and click on the red tab (Report Property Nuisance Violation) on the left side of the screen. This link will bring up a form that allows citizens to list the address and type of violation that they wish to have investigated.

“This process is being implemented to allow for citizens, at their convenience, to be able to report to us and guide us on areas of nuisance concerns” states Chief Jeremy Logan. “With this process, it is our goal to be able to streamline the reporting process and therefor assist with ensuring we have a clean and safe community.”

This new procedure is just another tool to be utilized in reporting these possible violations. Citizens may still report violations by calling the Oelwein Police Department at 319-283-4311.


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Oelwein Police Department Frequently Asked Questions

Oelwein Police History

The Oelwein Police Department was established in 1903


The Oelwein Police Department was established in 1903 as the recognized law enforcement for the City of Oelwein

Currently the Oelwein Police Department employs:
10 Full Time Police Officers
4 Full Time Communications Operators
1 Administrative Assistant

7 Reserve (Volunteer) Police Officers


The Oelwein Police Department is located at 501 Rock Island Road, Oelwein, Iowa 50662.





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You can use the following information to contact us. If an emergency or to report a crime, please call the Oelwein PD. It may take a few days before your email will be received.

Emergency # 911
Non-Emergency Phone # 319-283-4311
Address: 501 Rock Island Rd, Oelwein, Iowa 50662




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