Updated Information Regarding Frozen Water Lines & Road Conditions

March 8, 2014

To: Mayor & Councilmembers, City of Oelwein residents
From: Jamie Letzring, City Administrator



Current Status: At this point we are experiencing only a handful of frozen water service lines, many of which are a result of frozen water mains. This is a much more significant problem and not as easily resolved.

Water is available by contacting the Police Department, 20 2nd Ave SW from 10:00 – 11:00 am or 6:00 – 7:00 pm. Bring your own container. An officer will assist you. Showers are available at the Williams Wellness Center, 318 8th Ave SE. Hours vary, check City website. Bring your own towel and toiletries. Must register at City Hall first, 319-283-5440 before either service is available.

Running Water: Those residents and businesses that are running water may continue to do so until further notice. Much of the timing depends on water temperature, which is contingent upon ground temperatures increasing. Warmer outdoor temperatures do not necessarily translate into warmer ground temperatures and many people will still see water temperatures below 40 degrees.  If you are running water and have not already contacted City Hall, please do so. 319-283-5440.

Water Bills: Our crews have been inundated with work related to frozen water services and water main breaks. Lack of available time for reading meters lead to many of the bills being an average of the months of Dec-Jan-Feb. Water customers will likely see an average bill for the next two billing cycles, there will not be any impact associated with running water to prevent freezing until we have adequate time and information to address this issue properly.

Road Conditions: Due to digging as a result of several dozen water main breaks and frozen water services, as well as near-record frost levels, it is important for residents to understand that road conditions this spring will be very poor. We will begin to address these issues as soon as we are able, which may not be until the frost is completely out of the ground.


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