May 16, 2013 - Cookin Up Cash 4 Cops Huge Success

Well over 200 people showed up on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013, for the 5th Annual Cookin Up Cash 4 Cops Oelwein Police Department Equipment Fundraiser at the First Baptist Church. Jennifer Parsons with the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau brought the Distracted Driving Simulator to give citizens a chance to “drive” with beer goggles on or while texting to show how unsafe it is to drive. This year the money raised at the event will be used to purchase more equipment for the Oelwein SRT (Special Response Team). The Oelwein SRT was recently utilized in March for Operation Clean Sweep, where 12 people were arrested on drug charges. The Cookin Up Cash 4 Cops fundraiser has helped the Oelwein Police Department raise money in the past to purchase AED’s, a speed trailer, body armor for the Oelwein SRT team and equipment for the Oelwein Reserve Officers. The Oelwein Police Department would like to thank the First Baptist Church once again for all their work to make this event a success.

People gathered around to watch as some attempted the Distracted Driver Simulator. Jennifer Parsons with the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau brought the simulator for the Cookin Up Cash 4 Cops event.

John Fletcher, 14, of Oelwein tries the Distracted Driving Simulator as his mother and First Baptist Church Pastor Tim Schoepf watch.

Officer DeJong tries out the Distracted Driving Simulator with the beer goggles on.

Oelwein Police Officers and Reserve Officers serving burgers.

Well over 200 people came to support the Oelwein Police Department.

Oelwein Officers served burgers to community members in effort to raise money for equipment for the Oelwein SRT (Special Response Team).


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